Mobile App Development CourseMobile App Development Course

Business mobile app development is in high demand and a very lucrative skill. Many companies constantly search for qualified mobile app developers to take their business mobile. This is where the Pocket Degree mobile app development course comes in. We teach anyone, old or young, how to become a professional mobile app developer in 90 days. A skilled Android and Apple mobile app developer can usually earn between $72,000-$115,000 per year working as an independent contractor from home. This is your chance to become a part of the new Gig economy and secure your future.

Mobile App Development SoftwareMobile App Development Software

The Pocket Degree mobile app development software is easy to learn and easy to use. The Pocket Degree app development course walks you through every step of the software and explains it in details. Included with each app course is a free church app study account set up specifically for the student. We selected a church app software account to record our online app course because it’s one of the most popular mobile app developments and is feature-rich. The account helps each student learn the software while studying the online app development course.

Mobile App Developer's OpportunitiesMobile App Developer’s Opportunities

Once our students complete the app development course, naturally many look for ways to utilize their new skills and make money. Pocket Degree has created several post-graduate opportunities for its students. The first is the Starter Reseller, which allows students to test their skills and make money without a large investment. Next is our White Label. Students can start their own business and sell hundreds of business apps around the world. Last is our License Educator’s program. Non-profit organizations can license our app development course and teach others.


Mobile App Development Course & Opportunities

Top Experts

Bryant Clark

Bryant Clark is a software developer with 20 years of experience in Internet Marketing, Website Design, SEO, Business Mobile App Development and Social Media Marketing. He is the founder of several successful app development businesses that have grossed thousands in sales. His passion is helping others succeed.

Ricardo Cumberbatch

Ricardo Cumberbatch


Laura Mobile App Testimonial

“Pocket Degree” is an amazing mobile app development teaching site. It allowed me to learn a valuable skill without a huge investment. Now that I have completed the mobile app development course, I am selling mobile apps to insurance companies right and left.

Laura Goldston
Pocket Degree Testimonial 2

I really liked the concept of taking your online mobile app development course. It removed all my pressures and allowed me to work at my own pace. After taking the mobile app development course, I realized the software was like a easy-to-read school book. Thanks for a great concept of teaching!

Corey Mcdonald
Pocket Degree Testimonial 3

Pocket Degree, thank you first off! I have friends that are currently in school learning mobile app development. They are spending thousands of dollars and still have years to go. I studied your mobile app development course and within three-months I sold 5 apps for $9,700.

Bob Torent