Mobile App Development Course

Business mobile apps are now the fastest growing industry. It’s expected to grow 1000% to 58 billion users by 2016! In just over 3 years, 20 billion mobile apps have been downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play markets.

How do I become a Pocket Degree Mobile App Developer graduate? You’ll need to dedicate yourself to the online mobile app development course. We’ve created the course using online teaching videos supported with additional documents. The Mobile App Development course is estimated to take 60 days, but we think it’s important that you’re able to learn at your own pace. This is why we’ve extended access to 90 days. It allows everyone additional time to learn without any added pressure.

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Free Business App Practice Account

We allow all our students to learn with a free Pocket Degree developer’s account. This is the software we use ourselves to develop hundreds of business mobile apps and to make a lucrative profit while doing it.

The key to developing any great mobile app is to have a stable and easy- to-understand software. Pocket Degree software is rated one of the best for developing all types of business apps.

What are the key benefits of using Pocket Degree software?

Pocket Degree software is designed to develop business mobile apps with ease. One of the main benefits of using our software is the unique set of pre-development features it includes. The majority of business app developments use the same features, reducing development time and operating cost.

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Reselling Business Apps

Now that you have completed the Mobile App Development Course, it’s time to put your new skills to good use and make money. Pocket Degree offers its students the opportunity to start their own company selling business mobile apps.


One of the main issues with starting any company from scratch is the cost. Pocket Degree reduces the entry cost for its graduate students by providing an easy and effective way to get started. Our Starter Reseller program allows you to start without financial pressures at a pace that suits you. With this program, you have the option to open one account at a time and to sell as you go.


The White Label Reseller program is designed for students or companies that have completed the Mobile App Development Course. Under this program, a partner can set up their own company’s brand logo and name. The program will include a predetermined number of activated business app credits. These credits allow the partner-reseller to fully publish business apps to the Google Play and iTunes stores.

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Non-Profit Organizations

In today’s fast-paced world of learning and higher education, many schools, businesses and non-profit organizations are looking for new programs to add to the services they offer.

Pocket Degree offers an annual license called the Educator’s Program. The program allows organizations to obtain a master license of our software and online courses. Once the licensing is obtained, you can begin training church members, students, veterans, seniors or your employees on how to develop mobile apps. An additional benefit to this program is that Pocket Degree assigns a dedicated trainer to assist your organization one-on-one.

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About Pocket Degree App Development Course

Pocket Degree is the perfect online course for learning business mobile app development with no coding required.

Our cloud-base software has helped hundreds of people just like you become professional app developers. Many of our students are making a very good money.

Why Choose Us

  • Learn A High-Demand Technical Skill
  • No Coding Experience Required
  • Easy-To-Understand App Course
  • Post-Graduate Opportunities
  • Anyone With A Desire Can Learn

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