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Mobile Business Apps vs Websites – 8 Differences

Mobile Business Apps and Websites – 8 Differences 80% of the devices used to search internet today are smart phones. 47% are tablets. For any business, in almost any industry or sector, it only seems reasonable to have a mobile marketing plan. But when it comes to that, most people get caught up in a […]

Mobile Apps To Be Included In Google Search Indexing

For the most part, what Google wants, Google gets. And starting in 2016, Google wants to change how apps will be ranked through their app indexing. All SEO agencies need to pay close attention to what is on the horizon. Recently the tech mogul announced that within Android, it can now organize and rank app-only web content; this […]

Why Your Gym Needs A Mobile App

This time I signed up and downloaded the new gym’s mobile app. Every time I unlocked my phone the gym icon was there reminding me of what I should be doing instead of watching DirecTV after work. Some-days I get push notes letting me know that there were personal trainers or that the gym was having yoga classes for members. It made it hard to accidentally forget about going to the gym and managed to get me going to the gym more consistently. Although it’s not one of the industries that you would traditionally think needs a mobile app, native apps are great marketing tools for gyms that want to provide their members with a more personal experience.

Graphic Design For Business

Introducing Graphic Design For Business articles You’ll learn about the basic tools you need, the different resources available to you, the best practices you should follow, and the sins you should avoid at all costs! This simple, user-friendly guide will take a complete “newbie” and teach them the very basics quickly. It touches on topics […]

Church Mobile Apps

Mobile Business apps are one of the fastest growing industry in mobility. There are many business app that are very useful but the church app industry is exploding.

Many ministries are now turning away from their website because the mobile church app allows them to communicated directly with their members on a day to day basis. Some of the features that make this so attractive are Push-notifications, Donations, Events, Online Bible, Enote Taking and Prayer Request.