Why Your Gym Needs A Mobile App

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woman-gymHere are some key features that should be available in every gym mobile app:

Mobile reservations make scheduling appointments easier than ever for busy gym members. The app users can schedule a session with their personal trainer or an after-workout massage quickly with just a few touches.

Push Notifications
Push messages allow the gym owner to reach out to members and keep them engaged throughout the year, even after many have given up on their New Year’s Resolution. Let your users know that there are open spots in the new yoga class or a referral special if they get their friends or family to sign up. Even an encouraging message will remind your clients to come in and work out.

Motivate members to keep up with their workout routines using the GPS Coupons or Loyalty tabs. Once they earn enough check-ins, they can earn a reward. You can set up monthly offers for a free t-shirt or discount off the next month’s membership if a member comes to the gym 10 times a month.
Engaging your gym members even when they’re not in the gym can lead to more return members and, overall, more loyal gym members. It’s also a great selling point for potential members to get them excited about joining your gym. Having a gym mobile app will allow you to maintain membership, even after swimsuit season has ended.

App Sharing
Members can share the mobile gym app with new people just by clicking a button. All users can share via SMS, email, Facebook ,or Twitter. Think about it: if 10 of your members shared the gym app to new users and they all installed it onto their phones, this could cause a chain reaction that’s more powerful than any other form of advertisement — and it’s free!