Limousine Mobile App

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Limo-AppMobile apps have become the bridge between companies and customers. It allows both to connect like never before, and the limo industry has been no exception. Many Limousines car companies see this as a game-changer when it comes to providing convenience and real concierge service to their customers. One Limousine car company said, “if you’re not continually improving on ways to make your customers happy, this business isn’t for you and you won’t last long.”

Limousine mobile apps allow customers to book and pay in advance right from their smart devices. In addition, they can rate the driver, use one-touch calling, tip the driver, and browse other businesses, like restaurants, right from the app.

Looking at this industry strictly from a technological opportunity point-of-view may get many students excited! Limousine apps have been known to sell for $5,000-$20,000 for development and $50-$150 per monthly account fee. For one day of work, that’s not bad!