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Restaurant Mobile AppsA mobile business app for a restaurant can help in the hunger games. Not only will it provide an outlet for you to connect with customers and grow your marketing channels, it also calls for strong customer retention, the ability to book more reservations, display your menu, and much more. For restaurants in particular, mobile business apps offer many awesome features to boost business in a cost-effective manner.



Go ahead, throw the punch cards away, and pull out your mobile smart device when making a purchase. Businesses and customers alike will no longer need to track these things manually — it’s all done now through the users’ mobile devices. Using a secret code, the businesses can record a purchase and once the qualifying amount is achieved, you’ll know.


Keep your customers up-to-date on all the latest news, discounts, and specials your restaurant offers. Simply enter a quick update like, “Celebrating 10 years in business this weekend! Get a free small order of bread sticks with any purchase of a large pizza.” These are easy, quick-hitting push messages that go directly to mobile device home screens that you can conveniently send out.


Move over guy-with-a-sign-dancing-aimlessly-on-the-street-corner! There’s a new marketing guru in town…. You can offer a GEO-fencing feature that will update customers within a certain area to stop in. Users can “check in” to the mobile app at your location and, BAM!, customers can receive rewards just for visiting.


Remember that one time you had a delicious new hamburger with spicy bacon and dipped chicken fingers from your new favorite restaurant, but you just can’t remember it’s name? Enter the mobile menu feature. This allows your customers to see your menu, plus pricing, in its entirety. Customers won’t need to spend time on the phone, trying to describe food or asking how much it all costs. Now you’re ready to to increase your sales!


Allow customers to end the embarrassment of stomach growls and hunger almost immediately. In-app ordering will allow them to not only place an order that’s sent directly to the kitchen, they can also pay for their food to avoid any further public grumbles. And best of all, if you’re really in a hurry, you can refer to a previous order and reorder it with ease.


No more need to call in, spend a back-and-forth conversation with an employee about how crowded it is, and see if they’ll have room for your party of six in an hour. Simply open up the app, choose a desired time to be seated with your group, and move along. This allows for a much more fluid workflow for both you and your customers.


Help the customers help you. With a single click in the mobile app, a customer can make a referral to a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram about their experience with your business. You can achieve new business organically through the social feeds of existing customers.

Have more questions that go beyond the app? Not a problem! Just open up the contact feature within the app and give the restaurant a call with ease. Need directions to the location? Again, don’t worry! The app can sync up to your mobile device and provide you with the exact directions to your destination.

When looking at the big picture of making your own app for a restaurant, it’s clear that in 2015, an app has become a need rather than a added perk. Act quickly and efficiently when building your apps, and separate yourself from the competition while providing the best customer experience along the way.

All in all, have fun with it and help your customers fight the stomach grumble.